Saturday, September 19, 2009

Apple breaks ties with US Chamber of Commerce over disagreement on how to address climate change

Apple joined a recent trend of major players breaking with the US Chamber of Commerce over its opposition to US government attempts to address climate change. The details are still coming in but the basics are here. As well, Newsweek's Dan Gross writes this week about the new progressive CEOs who are not easily pegged as left or right, but who see this issue and their responsibility to lead differently than their peers do. Dan's piece is here - and he calls it "Corner Office Converts."

PBLN's Board of Directors recently adopted a position in support of climate change legislation that is at least as robust as what is found in the so-called Waxman-Markey bill that passed the House this summer.

The entire PBLN position statement on the issue will be posted here shortly. These issues will be given a good workout at PBLN's November 20th Summit on Business Leadership and Public Policy by a panel moderated by Mitch Tyson, CEO of Advanced Electron Beams and Board Member of the New England Clean Energy Council. It will be interesting to see at the Summit how many CEOs and Executives indicate the desire to line up with Apple, as well as Nike and others. These mega-brand companies certainly get attention to the issue when they take this kind of leadership step.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A PBLN Summit at the JFK Presidential Library: "Business Leadership and Public Policy: Inventing a More Sustainable Economy"

Friday, November 20th, 2009
John F. Kennedy Library‚ Boston, MA

The economy and our communities are reeling from the effects of short-sighted business practices and public policies. Business leadership must be a leading part of the solution. The PBLN Board of Directors is thrilled to invite you to join over 200 business leaders for our CEO and Top Officer Summit at the JFK Library. Our "Business Leadership and Public Policy: Inventing a More Sustainable Economy" conference will emphasize peer-to-peer engagement. You should plan on a full day where the real highlight is the chance to know the other participants.

Register here to reserve your seat; or email; or call (978) 337-8210.

Exciting plans for the Summit include:

A forum with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick whose commitment to the innovation economy is reflected in the State's investments in the Life Sciences sector as well as Clean Tech, infrastructure and healthcare and education reforms.

Highly interactive sessions on business leadership, public policy and innovation on topics like: Pricing Carbon to Address Climate Change, How to build more Housing, Economic Development that Creates Jobs, Healthcare Reform and Cost Containment, Innovation in K-12 Education, Clean Tech and Life Sciences Cluster Development, Technology Companies And Public Policy, Greening Buildings, Measuring the Corporate Carbon Footprint, and more....

Presenters will include:
David Belluck, Managing Partner, Riverside Partners
Noah Berger, Executive Director Mass. Budget & Policy Center
JudyAnn Bigby, Secretary of Health and Human Services (MA)
Tina Brooks, Undersecretary of Housing/Economic Development (MA)
Jeffrey Bussgang, Partner Flybridge Capital Partners
US Representative Michael Capuano, US Senate Candidate (MA)
Glen Comiso, Exec. Director, Mass. Life Sciences Collaborative
Nick D'Arbeloff, President, NE Clean Energy Council
Tom Dretler, President & CEO, Eduventures, Inc.
Phil Edmundson, CEO William Gallagher Associates
Paul Egerman, Egerman Associates
Chris Gabrieli, Chairman, Mass 2020
Paul Grogan, President & CEO, The Boston Foundation
Winston Henderson, Vice President & General Counsel, Surface Logix
MA State Representative Jay Kaufman (D-Lexington)
Alan Khazei, Founder, City Year, & US Senate Candidate (MA)
Janet Kraus, CEO, Sprire
Robert Kuttner, Founder & Co-Editor The American Prospect
Paul Levy, CEO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Dr. Gene Lindsey, CEO Atrius Health Mary
Martin Madaus, CEO, Millipore
Brenda McKenzie, Dir. of Economic Development, Boston Redevelopment Authority
Tom O'Brien, Managing Director The HYM Invesment Group
Stephen Pagliuca, US Senate Candidate (MA)
Patti Prairie, CEO Brighter Planet
Richard Pops, Chairman, President & CEO, Alkermes
Paul Reville, Secretary of Education (MA)
Jim Roosevelt, CEO Tufts Health Plan
Paul Sagan, CEO, Akamai
Mark Shirman, CEO Glasshouse Technologies
Edith Silva, Partner, Next Street Financial
Mitch Tyson, CEO Advanced Electron Beams
.........and more.

It is a special honor to have Stephen E. Smith (partner, KSS Realty), nephew of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy, to host a reception with Congresswoman Niki Tsongas in the Family room at the Kennedy Library.

We are also pleased to announce that as part of the Summit PBLN will be hosting a candidates forum to which we have invited all of the declared candidates for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by the passing of Senator Kennedy. This will include (in alphabetical order) Michael Capuano, Martha Coakley, Alan Khazei, and Steve Pagliuca. The forum will be moderated by Robert Kuttner, Founder & Co-Editor of the American Prospect and like the rest of the Summit, the focus will be on “inventing a more sustainable economy.”

Brighter Planet: The official Carbon Off-Set Sponsor of the PBLN Summit
PBLN is pleased to be partnering with Brighter Planet, a Vermont-based company that develops products and services to help individuals and companies decrease their impact on the environment. Brighter Planet is the official Carbon Offset Sponsor of the PBLN Summit and will be purchasing carbon offsets on behalf of the PBLN to help create a carbon-neutral conference.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Healthcare & Life Sciences Working Group

Massachusetts Secretary of Health and Human Services
Dr. JudyAnn Bigby has been a regular participant at meetings
of the PBLN Healthcare/Life Sciences Working Group
Co-Chaired by Jim Roosevelt, President & CEO of Tufts Health Plan, and Joshua Boger, former President & CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Coordinatored by Valerie Fleishman, Executive Director of the New England Healthcare Network (NEHI), and Brian Carey, Partner with the law firm Foley Hoag LLP, this group has addressed the Massachusetts plan to expand healthcare coverage to include all residents, the urgency of sustained federal funding of biomedical research, public strategies for retaining life science industry businesses, and the value of corporate health and wellness programs. Currently they are looking at issues surrounding national and Massachusetts healthcare reform efforts, and at strategies for sustainable development of the life sciences as both social/health innovators and as a source of economic growth.

Healthcare/Life Sciences Policy Statement
As progressive business leaders, we believe Massachusetts should continue to lead the nation as an innovator in health, health care and life sciences.

Health Reform and Cost Containment:
The Next Frontier

At the fall 2009 PBLN Summit, members of the Healthcare and Life Sciences Working Group discussed current issues in the field. Moderated by James R. Roosevelt, Jr., panelists were:
Dr. JudyAnn Bigby, Massachusetts Secretary of Health & Human Services
Robert Kuttner, Founder & Co-Editor, The American Prospect
Paul F. Levy, President & CEO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Philip Edmundson, President & CEO, William Gallagher Associates & Chair, Mass ACT (Affordable Care Today) Coalition
Dr. Gene Lindsey, President and CEO, Atrius Health
Richard Pops, President & CEO, Alkermes

Values Statement
As progressive business leaders, we believe Massachusetts should continue to lead the nation as an innovator in health, health care and life sciences. To that end:
  1. We stand by the Massachusetts model for health reform achieving near universal coverage; and we are committed to universal health care as a right, not a privilege for all Americans
  2. We support policies for cost containment in order to make universal coverage a sustainable and affordable reality
  3. We support polices that promote innovation in health care and life sciences
  4. We support policies that enhance the health of all our citizens including strategies to promote health care quality and disease prevention
  5. We support policies that address disparities in access to/quality of healthcare for the disadvantaged, racial/ethnic minorities and those with economic barriers to access.

Policy Statement: Healthcare Cost Containment via Payment Reform
PBLN supports universal healthcare for all Americans as a right and not a privilege. In fully supporting Massachusetts’ innovative approach to achieving near-universal coverage, we view the next frontier for Massachusetts and the nation to be cost containment so that universal health care is affordable and sustainable. We support the findings of the Governor’s Special Payment Commission to shift Massachusetts toward an all-payer global payment model over the next five years. We are committed to deep engagement over the impact of this shift on all stakeholders including consumers, businesses, physicians and hospitals, disadvantaged populations, and to innovation in the health care and life sciences sectors.
The above policy statement reflects the position of PBLN. This position was developed by the PBLN Healthcare/Life Sciences Working Group and adopted by the PBLN Board of Directors. We encourage individual business leaders to “opt-in” by signing on to our policy statements, which PBLN may use publicly to advance awareness of our position. If you would like to opt-in and sign on to any or all of these three policy statements, you may do so by emailing PBLN Director of Operations Aaron Chalek at