Friday, August 29, 2008

Policy Statements

The following policy statements reflect the position of PBLN. The positions were developed by PBLN Working Groups and adopted by the PBLN Board of Directors. We encourage individual business leaders to “opt-in” by signing on to our policy statements, which PBLN may use publicly to advance awareness of our position.

If you would like to opt-in and sign on to any or all of these policy statements, you may do so by emailing PBLN Director of Operations Aaron Chalek at

PBLN Healthcare/Life Sciences Policy Statement
Values Statement
As progressive business leaders, we believe Massachusetts should continue to lead the nation as an innovator in health, health care and life sciences. To that end:
  1. We stand by the Massachusetts model for health reform achieving near universal coverage; and we are committed to universal health care as a right, not a privilege for all Americans 
  2. We support policies for cost containment in order to make universal coverage a sustainable and affordable reality 
  3. We support polices that promote innovation in health care and life sciences
  4. We support policies that enhance the health of all our citizens including strategies to promote health care quality and disease prevention 
  5. We support policies that address disparities in access to/quality of healthcare for the disadvantaged, racial/ethnic minorities and those with economic barriers to access. 
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PBLN Energy/Environment & Housing/Economic Development Policy Statement
Values Statement
Progressive business leaders understand that our planet, our society and the economy are inexorably intertwined. The nexus between energy and the environment exemplifies this interdependence. Energy makes our society and economy possible, but the way we currently take, make, use and waste energy is damaging our environment. Simply put, our biosphere is breaking down. We are collectively overwhelming the earth’s natural cyclic processes and capabilities to recycle; regenerate and replenish itself. To restore equilibrium, our society and economy must become sustainable. Accordingly, progressive business leaders are committed to supporting strategies and policies both within our companies and our society that move us toward a more sustainable future, where we strive to harmonize our activity with our environment in our communities, in our country and throughout the world.

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PBLN Education Policy Statement
Values Statement
There is nothing more important for securing our future than the education of our children. The achievement gap along racial and economic lines in the United States is a reflection of grave social injustice and must be addressed as a top educational priority. The risk of education in the United States falling behind the educational standards of other leading nations presents both a moral and strategic imperative. We believe that the business community has an important role to play in addressing complex social sector issues like education; and we are committed to empowering innovative thinkers and education entrepreneurs to create new possibilities for children. It is in this spirit that PBLN supports passage of education reforms that bring access to innovation and excellence for all students from cradle to college. At the same time we view these innovations in education as essential contributions to the invention of a sustainable, competitive economy defined by shared and lasting opportunity and prosperity.

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